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Succes Story Of KTT Student


 I am Engku Safiah Nabella binti Engku Murad. I was born in Hospital Besar Kuantan, Pahang and I live in Selangor since 1994 after moving around places, travelling together with my dad, who currently working as an acountant and my mom as the most greatest mother and housewife. Now I live in Petaling Jaya, Selangor and still loving the area very much.

I ended my school years in Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Seksyen 4 Kota Damansara as a Pure Science student but my passion was always into arts, and that is how i get in the courses I’m taking at this moment in Kolej Teknologi Timur, Sepang, which is Diploma in Art and Design, majoring in Graphic Design. To be really honest, I was really grateful to given a chance to further my study in  KTT. Though the place is small, but the knowledge and experience i have had for the whole three years studying in a college, was definitely the most unforgetable years ever. Well, I can say that I’m proud I am a KTTian.

The first most amazing experience was to get involve in a group during the orientation to create a short advertisement on the stage and we won first place. Later on I got involve in all kinds of drama and performance. My group got first place for a drama competition and I was the ‘hero’ in the drama. After a while, my senior asked me if I’m interested to organized our very own theatre club and so I was the first Vice President being selected and my senior, Hazwan Shahiran, was our President. Jelma Theatre Club are now active with more theatres coming soon. Other than that, I’ve join in volunteers for Asian University Games Open Ceremony and to my surprise I was selected to represent the Princess of Laos. I was hoping to get Princess of Malaysia but after all I was still once a princess, I could be proud a little.

I was never really into performance arts, but KTT have shown me that even if I’m not interested doesn’t mean I can’t have the experience in one. I never knew I could be really active in performance art later after that. I started taking parts in dancing performance for SUKOB (Sukan Kolej-Kolej Bersekutu UiTM). I also get involved for KTT Convocation Day Opening Ceremony and I won first place for modern dance competition for FESNI 2010. I got involved in the short Puteri Gunung Ledang theatre done by our Jelma Theatre Club as the “Penari Istana”. From being just an audience, I am now a performer. What a different person I’ve become but I’m still  the down to earth and shy me and I still love being an audience.

Not to forget FESKOTT, my favourite event of all. Sports was always for me. I once won six gold medal for my school Sport’s Day in 2006, all in track events from 100m to 5km Marathon. We are not allowed to take more than three events for FESKOTT so I only got gold medal for 800m and 400m, silver in 4x100m and 200m and top  10 for Larian Mesra. I was one of the Futsal team member for SUKOB 2009 and FESKOTT 2010 and I’m always in the keeper position. Hopefully my last FESKOTT FESNI and SUKOB this year will be the best sport’s day in my life. Sport’s for life!

I have took part in all kinds of activities and events being organized be the college as well as outside KTT. For AD111, every semester, there will be the ADHolic Event and we ourselves will organize them. My first ADHolic event were held at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa, where for the first time I put my very own Batik&Pelekat hand made bags to public. I guess i can make a living out of my mom batik after all. It wasn’t my first time opening a booth, but it is my first time selling my own art. What an experience.  I was the vice president for ADHolic July 2010 event and I’ve learned to really get in charge of the whole event. It was tough but there will always the ‘fun’ word that make it worth all the struggles and exhaustion.

Recently, in the mid November 2010, I’ve got selected as one of the 10th candidates for IREKA Melaka Footwear Competition. I received an unexpected call from one of the Melaka R&D staff, being informed that I have pass the first stage of the competition. I was asked to be prepared, pack my bags for Bengkel IREKA Melaka for a week. For the whole week, we will be taught and consulted by the facilitators from UiTM Lendu on how to design a footwear, the process of designing a footwear and how to actually make our very own footwear from sketches to real functional footwear. The process was not really tough but needs a lot of concentration and be very particular on every details. At the end of the week, we were asked to make another drawing for our final design to be judge by three of the most experienced people in the footwear world. And we are allowed to go home and wait for our final and last task.

Our last task was to find our own model to walk our design on the man stage of Mahkota Parade Mall in Melaka. We stayed in Kak Long Chalet Resort for three days. During the three days, we were informed on how the last task would be and there was a practise and rehearsal for the models. It was on the Christmas Eve and Mahkota Parade was very crowded. And I can say its not a wrong thing to be nervous for such a crowd. We were up on the stage and I can see only one person that I know most standing in the crowd which is my very own AD111 lecturer, Sir Mohd Nazereen Ibrahim and I get even more nervous. But at  last, all the top three winner were from UiTM Lendu itself, from Industrial Design and Graphic Design course. Congratulations to all three winners.

Few days after the the last task day, our competiton got on air in Malaysia Hari Ini. Though I wasn’t in it but I’m happy I was part of it. They discussed about the competition and the plan to organize another footwear competition this year, 2011, open to all University students. I was lucky, to get the chance to be the one of the final candidates to compete in the first sportswear design competition ever held in Malaysia. Losing in this competition make me stronger and wanting to get involve in the competition again. InsyaAllah, if I am given another oppurtunity to be in the competitio, i will go for it. Losing in any competition is not a failure to me but instead is a winning. I’ve won the greatest thing that so little people get, a new eperience, a knowledge and a new memories.