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Kolej Teknologi Timur (KTT) Malaysia was established 14 years ago. KTT is currently  located near the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) in Sepang and open their International City Campus in Petaling Jaya in June 2011.  KTT offers the Cambridge A-Levels programme, Diploma, Certificate and English language programmes. KTT has an excellent track record in producing world class achievers for the Cambridge A-Levels programme and has been successfully teaching the program to the sponsored scholars of the Malaysian Public Service Department. These students are normally enrolled into the 1 to 1 1/2 years A-Levels programme before progressing into their degrees in Medicine and Dentistry either in India, Poland, Egypt, Czech Republic and Indonesia to name a few countries.

Besides the Cambridge A-Levels programme, KTT has some collaborative franchise agreements with the local Malaysian public universities, namely University Putra Malaysia (UPM) and UiTM to run Diploma programmes. KTT also has their own college Diplomas in Information Technology, Finance & Banking, Business Administration and Accounting and a Foundation in Science programme.

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Programmes                                                                                      Duration

  1. Cambridge ‘A’ Level                                                               :  1 - 2 years

  2. Diploma in Computer Science (UPM)                                      :  3 years

  3. Diploma in Human Development (UPM)                                  :  3 years

  4. Diploma in Information Technology (KTT)                              :  3 years

  5. Diploma in Business Management (KTT)                                :  3 years

  6. Diploma in Finance and Banking (KTT)                                    : 3 year

  7. Certificate in Computer Science (Pre-Diploma) (KTT)           :  1½ years

  8. Foundation in Science (KTT)                                                   : 1 year

  9. International English Programme(IEP)                                  : 3, 6, 9months, 1year                                            


"Why KTT"

  • One of the pioneer colleges to run the 1 year Cambridge A- Level programme and produced outstanding world class achievers.

  • Mentor-Mentee system: each student will has a personal mentor to coach,guide and look out for them.

  • In-Campus warden :KTT has in-campus warden 24 hours a day for student safety and well being.

  • An ideal location, away from distraction of bustling cities for student to concentrate on their studies.

  • KTT hosts the Malaysia Public Service Departments scholars who pursue their Cambridge A-Levels education prior to their entry into Medicine & Dentistry.

  • Students are able to mingle wit the brightest Malaysian students at KTT

  • Fun-filled environment for students to soak-up the culture and nature of Malaysia with a built-in Homestay package.

  • Active student representative council that organises all recreational and festive events.

  • Excellent track record of producing world class results for the Cambridge A-Levels Examination.

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