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"United in Excellence"  


Kolej Teknologi Timur (KTT) is a private college based in Malaysia. Established on the 6th January 1997, KTT is wholly owned by Hiraki Timur Sdn Bhd. When the college was formed, KTT offered A-Level programs as well as University Foundation Programmes. This was later followed by the Science Matriculation Program in collaboration with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in 1998. In 1999, with a positive track record in its Matriculation Programme with UKM, the Malaysian Ministry of Education (MOE) entrusted KTT to run the MOE Matriculation Program. KTT have managed to produce 5 'batches' of students through the MOE Matriculation Programme, over 1,250 students. Graduates of this matriculation program at KTT eventually furthered their studies in the field of Medicine overseas in countries such as Ireland, Australia, Indonesia and Ukraine. In 2003, the Public Service Department (JPA) sponsored 65 students intended to study Medicine in India and Indonesia under its 'excellent students' scheme. The students studied A-Levels in KTT and managed to produce excellent results. Owing to the success of this first group of students, KTT was entrusted with more students from JPA the following year. The year 2004 also saw MARA followed suit, sending its sponsored students intending to study Medicine in India and Indonesia to study A-Levels at KTT. Presently, JPA and MARA have continued to send its sponsored students to study A-Levels at KTT.  


Since 1998, KTT have offered its own diploma; Diploma in Computer Science in collaboration with UPM. KTT also offers Certificate in Computer Science, an internal program. In 2002, in collaboration with UPM, KTT added another diploma; Diploma in Human Development. In addition to this, KTT also offered 3 more internal programs; Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Information Technology and Diploma in Finance and Banking (in collaboration with UUM). In 2006, KTT receives an acknowledgement from UiTM and was given "Affiliated College UiTM" status. As a result of the acknowledgement from UiTM, KTT was given permission to run 4 additional programs in collaboration with UiTM. Diploma programs such as Diploma in Science, Diploma in Arts and Design, Diploma in Office Management and Technology and Foundation in Science was offered by KTT along with its stable of programmes. In 2010, KTT in collaboration with UiTM will begin to offer Diploma in Mass Communication and Diploma in Fashion Design


On 9th June 2001, KTT was the first private institute of higher learning(IHL) to be awarded "Best Academic College" award for its MOE Matriculation program by the Malaysian Minister of Education at the time, YB Tan Sri Dato' Sri Musa Mohamed. This was followed by numerous other awards. In addition to many other numerous awards won by the college, KTT students have won the prestigious 'Top Of The World' Awards for its A-Levels Mathematics 3 years in a row for producing excellent students in Mathematics. This is a clear testimony to KTT's dedication and its excellent reputation.


To become a recognized and excellent educational institution that is acknowledged worldwide with excellent education and teaching as its core in order to provide continuos education in producing competitive and ethical individual as well as organization.


Providing education that will enable KTT to be acknowledged worldwide and able to produce individual who are academically and spiritually excellent.

Providing educational programs that will dignify knowledge and excel the quality of teaching and education in order to fulfill the country's education aspiration and vision.



To build a sense continuity in terms of theory and practice in each graduate.

To develop excellent programs that will fulfill the needs as well as current and future requirements and acknowledged nationally and internationally

To ensure graduates that are produced by KTT fulfills the requirements of the local and overseas market

To prepare skilled workforce that is knowledgeable and will assist in developing the nation

To produce presentable individuals that is complemented with soft skills


1997:     KTT established.

1998:     Science Matriculation Programme in collaboration with Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. KTT offers its own diploma, Diploma in Computer Science

1999:    KTT offers the Ministry of Education Matriculation Program

2000:    KTT move to larger campus in Sepang.

2002:    KTT offers an additional 4 diplomas. Diploma in Human Development, Diploma in Business Management, Diploma in Information Technology and Diploma in Finance and Banking (in collaboration with UUM)

2003:    KTT receives sponsored students from the Public Service Department (JPA) and Majlis Amanah Rakyat (MARA) to study Cambridge A-Level Courses at KTT. These students eventually studied medicine overseas.

2004:    KTT receives accreditation to establish its own diploma programmes. -Diploma in Business Management and Diploma in Information Technology.

2006:    KTT receives accreditation from UiTM as an affiliated college to offer Pre-Diploma Science, Diploma in Office Management & Technology, Diploma in Applied Science and Diploma in Art & Design.

2010:    KTT receives ISO 9001:2010 accreditation. KTT will start to offer Diploma in Mass Communication and Diploma in Fashion Design in collaboration with UiTM